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Appliance Repair-Hotpoint

Hotpoint, also known as The Hotpoint Electric Company, is both an American and a European brand for household appliances. The company was started in Ontario, California in 1911, and has made some very good business decisions early on to which it owes its success. One of the company’s most attractive terms was offering customers a guaranteed policy of a 90-day replacement. The company has also continued to place new and improved products on the market throughout its time, including the refrigerator on wheels invented by its team in 1953. The basis of this company’s designs is to create household appliances that are practical, and easy to use. Not only that, but there is also a huge emphasis on offering affordable prices that beat out the competition rather than beating customers’ wallets.

For information about Hotpoint’s products and services, customers can visit the company’s official website which includes details regarding different available models and their parts. Customers who have purchased household appliances from the company are encouraged to register their products online, where they can also find a 24/7 live chat for support.

Customers in need of repair can schedule an appointment online or by phone, and expect to be dealt with quickly and with efficacy.  Contact the company’s experienced technicians today for service you can count on, and household appliances you can trust.