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Appliance Repair-Kelvinator

Currently owned by Electrolux,  Kelvinator is an American home appliances company first established in 1914. Founded in Detroit, Michigan, by engineer and inventor Nathaniel B. Wales, the company name pays homage to William Thomson– the mathematician who came up with the premise for absolute zero. This is fitting, given Kelvinator’s focus on refrigerators and ice boxes.

As the business expanded, the brand made its way into London, and soon the British market was filled with American home appliances. When the second World War began, Kelvinator was quickly transformed into a military supplies factory, and was also used for lab testing.

Amidst all of the changes that occurred over the years, this company has continued to provide quality home appliances to its customers. Today it sells refrigerators and laundry appliances, and continues to place emphasis on the performance of their products.

Kelvinator ensures the satisfaction of its customers at all times, and is happy to provide a few different routes for getting in touch. Customers who wish to speak with a representative or get repair help may refer to the Contact Us page on their website, which provides phone numbers and addresses for both the American and Canadian locations.