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Appliances Repair-Blomberg

Initially established in the metallurgical industry in 1883, Blomgberg is a German company that is acclaimed today for its premium home appliances. In 1935, Blomberg began its transition into this business as a distributor, and by 1949 it was producing its own innovations. This includes the first ever fully automatic washing machine in 1981.

Created by Bernhard Blomberg, the company’s mission is to continue providing customers with high-performing home appliances to make life easier. Through combining the latest technology with contemporary European design, it creates functional and energy efficient home appliances for customers, so they can live more comfortably without hurting the environment. Awarded for their technical standards and design, Blomberg products continue to dominate the interiors of homes across Canada and the US.

For individuals who want to speak with the company or a representative, the website offers a Customer Support link. It also features product registration, manuals, warranty information, and other FAQ. With over 130 years of experience in the bag, Blomberg continues to be a strong presence in this industry and is a great choice for those customers who are searching for quality.