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Appliances Repair-Vent A Hood

The history of Vent a Hood is long and impressive. When the company first started out in Dallas, Texas, its factory was located in a small house with a dirt floor. Employees would go door-to-door, attempting to sell the kitchen range hoods and explain to prospective customers why these are important. When sales were made, the workers would go back to the house and make more product as needed.

In 1933, Vent a Hood had its official opening. As business began to grow, the company moved its roots to Richardson, Texas, where it continued its expansion. Soon after its foundation, Vent a Hood became family-owned, and has since been passed down to the care of current CEO Miles Woodall III.

This experienced company has lasted in the competitive market because of its continued emphasis on improving their kitchen range hoods. They are focused on using the most efficient, quality materials, while also valuing the importance of the safety of their products and their overall impact. Vent a Hood continues to update the standards of its kitchen range hoods, to ensure that customers are getting the very best product possible.

Support services are easily reachable via the company’s official website, where customers can find out about the closest retail locations, or use the contact information to speak with a representative. The website also offers maintenance tips and advice, as well as parts registration and warranties. Visit their site today to learn more.